It’s a pleasure to cook with our grass-fed meats!¬†We’re lucky that we get to trade with other farmers at the Beaverton Farmers Market for local produce to pair with our meals.

A few years back we discovered that Mike is gluten and dairy intolerant, so most of our recipes are gluten- and dairy-free. Then our cousin Nic came to work for us last year. He only eats pork and lamb. So Patty has been cooking more with lamb and pork for farm lunches lately. Our best friends Dan and Lisa rarely cook with lamb, so Dan’s recipes focus on beef and pork. All this to say that these recipes are a hodge-podge of family preferences and seasonal favorites.

We hope you enjoy! And please share pictures with us! It’s easiest to tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@lonelylanefarms), or feel free to email us (

NOTE: Our recipes are being transferred from hard copy. They will be up shortly!