Locker Beef

Beef sold by the ½ or ¼ is often referred to as Locker or Rail beef. This method of buying is more economical than buying individual cuts.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

When should I order?

How much will it cost?

What is the Average Weight?

How can I pay?

How can the beef be cut?

How long will it take after I order
to receive my beef?

How do I get the beef after it’s cut?

How long is Lonely Lane Farms beef aged?

Is a deposit required when I order?

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Beef Cut Chart

When and Where should I order from Lonely Lane Farms?
Orders for locker beef may be placed and picked up at the Lonely Lane Farms Beaverton Farmers’ Market Booth. Locker Beef is available from Lonely Lane Farms May through September at the Beaverton Farmers’ Market. Home delivery of you Locker Beef order is available for an additional charge. 

How much will a ¼ or ½ a beef cost? - $3.49/Lb.
Lonely Lane Farms locker beef is sold by rail weight. (Rail weight is the weight of the meat before it has been trimmed of fat or bone and shrank from the natural aging process.) All processing fees (excluding smoked/cooked products) are included in the $3.49/Lb purchase price of your locker beef.

What is the Average Weight of a ½ a beef?
Rail weight for all Lonely Lane Farms beef may vary by 75Lbs for a ½ and by 40Lbs for a ¼. Lonely Lane Farms attempts to maintain the weight of a ½ beef at 275Lbs and the weight of a ¼ beef at 140Lbs. Actual rail weight will very with every order.


How can I pay?
Lonely Lane Farms accepts payments by cash or credit card. 
Currently Lonely Lane Farms accepts only Visa and MasterCard for credit card payment..

How will the beef be cut?
There are many options available to you when purchasing rail beef, a qualified butcher will speak with you directly to take your cutting instructions. If you’re a newcomer to buying on the rail (¼ or ½ Beef) don’t worry, one of our meat cutters will clearly explain what your options are. The beef cut chart can help you familiarize yourself with available cuts and give you a guide as you discuss options with our butcher.

How long will it take for my beef to be ready?
Once a deposit has been made you beef will be available for pickup or delivery in four to five weeks.


How do I get my beef when it’s ready?
Orders may be picked up at the Lonely Lane Farms Beaverton Farmers’ Market Booth on Saturdays May through September between 8:00 AM and 1:30 PM. If you are located in or between Eugene and Portland, Oregon and are within 10 miles of I-5 you may arrange home delivery for an additional $50.00 delivery fee. If you are located outside these areas please contact us to determine shipping cost or make delivery arrangements.

How long is Lonely Lane Farms Locker beef Aged?
Lonely Lane Farms locker beef is dry aged 14 to 21 days before cutting. If you are interested in longer aging periods please contact us.

Is a deposit required when I order? Yes-
A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of order. This deposit is applied directly towards the purchase price of you Lonely Lane Farms Locker Beef.

Required deposit at time of order.
Whole Beef - $960 Deposit
½ Beef $480 Deposit
   ¼ Beef $240 Deposit


Placing an order.
To place an order please visit us and the Beaverton Farmers’ Market or contact Mike Kloft at Lonely Lane Farms. (503) 845-4252

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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