Lonely Lane Farms
Family Owned & Operated Since 1939

Lonely Lane Farms is an eco-friendly family farm providing clean, fresh, healthy meats directly from our farm to your family.


Sustainable Farming

Crop Selection

Local Farms

 Small Family Business of the Year

Small Family Business of the Year
Lonely Lane Farms was chosen as the 2001 Small Family Business of the Year by the Austin Family Business Program. Lonely Lane Farms was honored for remaining a viable, self-sustaining family farm while enhancing the local community by providing a source of clean, healthy, ecofriendly food.

  • Location
    Located in Oregon’s Northern Willamette Valley, Lonely Lane Farms is a family owned and operated sustainable farming operation.  Founded in 1939, our farm has remained devoted to family-oriented values. For three generations Lonely Lane Farms has taken great pride in providing superior quality in everything we produce.


Double Rainbows
  • Sustainable Farming Practices
    Lonely Lane Farms does not exploit one individual crop. Our farm has always supported livestock as well as forage crops. Waste products from our animals are mixed with wheat straw and returned to the fields as a constant source of fertilizer. We rotate our planting schedules and include legumes that constantly build soil quality. Although sustainable farming is just starting to become more popular, we have been practicing it for generations.
  • Crop Selection (Non GMO’s)
    2005 Fourth of July Wheat Field
    Lonely Lane Farms has chosen not to participate in the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). All crops grown at our farm for cattle or human consumption are produced from non-GMO seed. 


  • Helping Local Farms
    Complicated government licensing requirements keep many small family farms from distributing their own high quality products to the general public. Lonely Lane Farms has started working with local neighbors in an effort to improve the local farming community by providing local small family farmers an opportunity to deliver their high quality products directly to the local community. Monitor Farms is the first of several local farms


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